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August 15, 2017

Get to Know the 2018 Acura TLX

Get to Know the 2018 Acura TLXOur technicians at Independent Auto Care in Parker, Colorado keep up on the latest car models and think you should get to know the 2018 Acura TLX. Acura clearly still wants to pursue the sport-sedan market by bringing us a revitalized version of the 2015 TLX. We think it is worth your time to take a look at the new TLX too.

What’s New?

The 2018 Acura TLX engine offers the same amount of power, and the “A-Spec” TLX arrives with a firmer suspension and more responsive steering. It also includes an exhaust that is less restrictive and better looking. These are all fine points to be excited about. The A-Spec also comes with more road noise and looks more visually aggressive. It will make this car stand out a bit more without increasing your car insurance as a result.

Outstanding Value

The 2018 Acura TLX is a great value. The FWD is offered at $42,800 while the AWD stands at $44,800. This undercuts most of the competition while including some extras like wireless phone charging and ventilated front seats in the A-Spec version. This excellent value is even cheaper than the Acura MDX sport-utility vehicle, giving those who want to steer their spouse away from the wagon look an extra advantage. The TLR also offers mileage that beats the standard 35 mpg, an added selling point.

Tasteful Restraint

The TLX offers two surprisingly good Acura engines. The TLR 4-cylinder offers torque that is unexpected for a 4-cylinder. At the same time, the V6 revs up and sounds like a much more expensive car when it is at full throttle. The TLR offers a reasonable size with a certain style and elegance that is eye-catching yet reserved. We like it better than many of the chrome decorated breadboxes on the road today.

The Drawbacks

If the 2018 TLX were the perfect vehicle, we think it would offer options for larger brakes and a 6-speed manual. These options were available on the TL predecessor but weren’t purchased in enough volume to make them worth offering again.

Early Acura offerings like the Legend coupe and the Integra GS-R also had a youthful exuberance that some say has been missing from the Acura lineup. Acura has turned a bit more conservative over time and could perhaps loosen up. From what we understand, the TLR A-Spec is an early statement of a coming departure from these more reserved offerings of the recent past. We’ll be keeping an eye on future models that could bring an infusion of much-needed excitement to the Acura line-up.

Now that you have had an opportunity to get to know the 2018 Acura TLX, if you are on the hunt for a new vehicle, you certainly have a head start on what to expect from this new model. And if you already have an Acura that needs some attention, call us at Independent Auto Care in Parker to make an appointment. Since 2006, we’ve specialized in Honda and Acura car repairs and can give your vehicle the quality auto care it deserves.

July 13, 2017

5 Great Reasons to Love a Honda

5 Great Reasons to Love a HondaAt Independent Auto Care in Parker, our Honda-enthusiast customers have inspired us to share this list of 5 great reasons to love a Honda. Though there are so many new brands in the market today, many customers prefer to stick with a more tried and car company. Honda is a brand that remains popular over time because of the quality offered and the trust the company has earned over the years.

  1. Quality

A good number of Honda owners stick with the Honda brand once they have purchased their first Honda vehicle. Honda has manufactured some of the best quality vehicles available over the years. A number of highly satisfied customers report being able to put over 300,000 miles on their Hondas before needing any engine work. Also, the comfort and excellent quality of Honda’s vehicle interiors make their cars some of the best cars on the road today, both inside and out.

  1. Excellent Gas Mileage

With rising gas prices, many buyers want vehicles that have great gas mileage. Honda vehicles have some of the best gas mileage rates in the industry. For those who commute long distances, great gas mileage is a key factor in being happy with their vehicle choice. Having great gas mileage helps more than a Honda owner’s bank account, it also helps them be more environmentally responsible. 

  1. Outstanding Safety Ratings

The majority of Honda’s models earn 4 or more stars for safety. Given their excellent safety ratings, it really is no wonder Honda is such a popular brand.

Hondas offer great features: anti-lock brakes, vehicle stability assist (VSA), all-around airbags, lane change assist features, and active head restraints are some of the many features that ensure the safety of passengers and drivers on the road. Additionally, Honda is offering more and more of these features as part of its standard package on more models.

  1. Keeping the Kids Safe

Honda pays special attention to the little ones that travel with us on the road. Their vehicles include the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children (LATCH) system. This system keeps child safety seats secured during an accident.

Honda also includes an Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS), which stops the deployment of airbags on the front passenger side if the passenger does not weigh enough to be helped by an airbag. This reduces the chance of unnecessary and potentially dangerous injuries.

  1. Nice Looking

Honda takes pride in producing vehicles that are affordable and practical, but Honda also prides itself on having good-looking vehicles. Not only are they good looking, but also some of their vehicles are also unique and distinctive, which is nice when so many cars on the road are practically indistinguishable from each other.

So, there’s our list of 5 great reasons to love a Honda. Many of our customers have even more. Regardless of your reasons, if your car needs some TLC, come see us at Independent Auto Care in Parker for all your Honda needs, oil changes to AC repairs and so much more.

June 16, 2017

Starter Problems with Your Honda Accord or Crosstour?

Starter Problems with Your Honda Accord or CrosstourAre you having starter problems with your Honda Accord or Crosstour? At Independent Auto Care in Parker, we like to keep our customers informed on such issues. Right now, owners of 2013-2015 Accords and Crosstours are filing a proposed class-action suit. This suit is being filed because the starters in these cars are allegedly failing and are quite costly to replace.

The Lawsuit

In this lawsuit, vehicle owners are alleging that the starters in these particular Honda vehicles are defective and often failing during or just after the limited warranty expires. Owners have sometimes been stranded as a result of dead batteries and vehicle starter failures. After paying to tow their vehicles to the dealer, owners are then informed that the expense of the repair will not be covered by the automaker.

The Plaintiff

Joel Merkin, the plaintiff, indicates that he purchased a used 2013 Honda Accord EX-L in 2015. At the time, the car was under the factory warranty. By 2016, the car had about 40,400 miles on the odometer and had trouble starting 1 to 2 times a week. After multiple tries, the car would start. By the time the Accord had 58,430, the car had difficulty starting 5 to 6 times a day.

When the plaintiff contacted his Honda dealer, he was informed that that his Accord was no longer covered by the warranty. The dealer expected Merkin to pay the entire cost of replacing the starter. Eventually the car was taken to an alternate dealer and the starter was replaced with a new one for approximately $200.

Additional Issues

According to the plaintiff, the dealer omitted the fact that particular parts of components within the started were not manufactured and assembled properly. Additionally, Honda failed to inform the plaintiff that the alleged defect would reduce the resale value of the vehicles. The lawsuit claims that Honda has been aware of the starter issue for years and has not done anything to resolve the issue.

According to Crosstour and Honda owners, Honda usually blames the starter issues on “wear and tear” or “maintenance” or “user-induced” problems. They claim Honda uses these reasons to avoid warranty coverage. Even for vehicles under the warranty, the plaintiff alleges those vehicles with starters problems are still an issue because Honda installs new starters that are also defective. According to the plaintiff, Honda is aware of the starter problems, a problem that they have communicated to dealers in technical service bulletins. The cost for repairing the starter ranges from $400 to $900 or more.

No Recall

In spite of the number of complaints from Honda Crosstour and Accord owners, Honda has not issued a recall, nor has Honda offered to reimburse customers who have had to pay for repairs and replacements themselves. The complaint alleges that Honda has handled its business unfairly and has engaged in deceptive practices. The complaint also alleges that Honda has violated the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act.

Having starter problems with your Honda Accord or Crosstour? If you are experiencing these issues, you may want to follow this lawsuit to see if you may eventually be part of a class action suit. At Independent Auto Care in Parker, we want to help keep you up to date on issues that related to your vehicle.

May 16, 2017

Weekend Road Trips for You and Your Honda

Weekend Road Trips for You and Your HondaNow that we are headed toward summer you might be thinking about weekend road trips for you and your Honda. At Independent Auto Care, we love a good road trip and have a few recommendations to get you on your way. Of course, before any great adventure that you embark on, be sure to stop by for any needed maintenance, such as new tires, an oil change, even a quick brake check. We’ll make sure you enjoy a fun and safe trip.

Colorado Wine Country

Colorado Wine Country is about 4 hours away around Palisade, CO though there are plenty of wineries you could visit along the way. Once on the road, you could also stop and do some shopping at Silverthorne Factory Outlets in Silverthorne or make a pit stop in Glenwood Springs.

Once you arrive in Palisade, you can find a great place to stay at a bed and breakfast. A guided tour at one of several great wineries is a fantastic way to experience wines of the area or hit a few tasting rooms on a bike ride. Palisade also offers great hikes and biking as well as other outdoor activities. This road trip is an excellent choice for a romantic getaway, anniversary, or just a weekend of rest, outdoors, and wine.

Santa Fe, NM

Roughly 6 hours away, Santa Fe offers hundreds of art galleries, along with several large museums and is becoming known as one of the major art centers in the U.S. Accommodations range from camping to world class resorts so you are bound to find the perfect place to match your style and budget. Santa Fe’s art experience is unique in that it offers relaxed, outdoorsy feel to its art scene which feels accessible and relaxing for everyone.

Moab, UT

A haven for outdoor enthusiasts, Moab is a great place for mountain biking, climbing, river rafting and more. The Canyonlands National Park provides some eye-popping scenery and a great escape from day to day drudgery. Even for those who don’t enjoy the outdoors, Moab offers a beautiful red-rock backdrop for any activity making a visit worth the drive.

Mount Rushmore, Black Hills National Forest, SD

If you haven’t seen one of our nation’s most famous landmarks, this 6-hour drive is for you. While you are there, you can take a hike in the Badlands to see some of the world’s richest fossil beds. Be sure to check out the Chief Crazy Horse memorial whose unfinished size is impressive and actually exceeds Mount Rushmore’s. You can camp in Custer State Park or choose a place to stay in nearby Rapid City. This area is rich in important sites and scenery.

Omaha, NE

If you’re a music lover, the indie music scene in Omaha might be a great weekend get-away for you. Though it is almost an 8-hour drive away, the available music choices can provide some worthwhile live performances. Omaha’s surrounding scenery is easy on the eyes as well. Check their calendar of events—you may be able to pop in on one of several festivals that are held there, for a rockin’ weekend.

We here at Independent Auto Care hope that these weekend road trips for you and your Honda provide some ideas for an upcoming weekend getaway that will leave you rested and ready for more road trip adventures. If you need to get your Honda ready for your road adventures, give us a call and we will help with any needed services, car air conditioning repair to vehicle tune-ups.

April 17, 2017

Important Spring Services for Your Honda Vehicle

Important Spring Services for Your Honda VehicleWith the weather warming, it’s time to have our technicians at Independent Auto Care in Parker provide important spring services for your Honda vehicle. We know that sunny days and temperatures on the rise mean you’ll be driving around more, so let’s make sure your Honda is maintained and ready to go. Even slight changes in temperature and road conditions as the weather turns warmer can have major effects on your vehicle.

It’s important to keep your vehicle in good shape by performing appropriate maintenance as the seasons change. It can help you save money on repairs, avoid vehicle breakdowns, and keep your car safe. In addition to things like oil changes and refilling fluids, you should also consider having your brakes checked, cleaning the interior and exterior of your car, and don’t forget to have those winter tires swapped out for all-seasons.

Check Your Brakes

A winter of ice and snow, plus the salt and chemicals on the road can put a brutal stress on your vehicle. Some of the things that can be affected are the car’s disc brake mechanisms. You should check out whether winter driving has caused corrosion issues inside your Honda’s braking system. Checking your brakes is an important safety precaution. Finding out your car has a brake problem while you are driving creates even more dangers. So, now that spring is here, we can check your brakes and make sure everything is working well. If it’s not, we can fix the problem and allow you to drive with confidence in your brakes.

Change Winter Tires

Did you use snow tires on your vehicle for the winter? If you did, you should now change your tires back to all-season tires or summer tires. Snow tires are made from a softer rubber compound made for colder temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius. These tires offer greater flexibility and grip for winter roads. As temperatures get warmer it causes more wear on those tires. You can avoid it by changing the tires after the snow is gone and the weather is sunny. Store your snow tires until next winter. Make sure you get a vehicle alignment to preserve the tread of your tires and prevent any related issues.

Clean the Interior and Exterior

The harsh winter weather can significantly damage the interior and exterior of your Honda. Cleaning your car helps get rid of damaging road salt and chemicals, particularly under the car and includes polishing, cleaning, and protecting of the car’s exterior, as well as completely cleaning the interior. You should also vacuum and clean your trunk, wax the exterior, fix any paint problems, and possibly include an engine shampoo.

With spring just around the corner, now is an ideal time to take care of your Honda vehicle. By following the above three tips, you can enhance your vehicle’s safety, improve performance, as well as make your car look great.

So, as you welcome the warm weather of spring, our technicians at Independent Auto Care in Parker can help you complete important spring services for your Honda vehicle. We can get your car road worthy for the nice weather. At Independent Auto, we provide our customers with the highest quality auto repair and service for all makes and models of Honda and Acura.


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